Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tepezcohuite - Neutral Derma Cleaner Soap

Tepezcohuite - Neutral Derma Cleaner SoapMimosa tenuiflora (Jurema, Tepezcohuite) is a perennial evergreen tree or shrub native to the northeastern region of Brazil and found as far north as southern Mexico (Oaxaca and coast of Chiapas).

Tepezcohuite my protect and stimulate the generation of collagen and "elastina," as well as providing protecting flavonoids and hyaluronic acid, a building block for tissue regeneration.

Tepezcohuite is used to treat acne, psoriasis and herpes.

Reduces the appearance of pigmentation imbalances, age spots, stretch marks, scars, cellulite and enlarged pores and also is :

* Skin Rejuvenator.
* Removes all makeup, dirt, oils and grime that clog the pores.
* Exfoliates the skin to leave it soft and radiant, removing dead cells and dry skin.
* Renews fresh skin tone for a more youthful look
* Minimizes wrinkles and fine age lines.
* Improves and heals acne leaving the skin smooth.

Please note: This products does contain artificial ingredients.

Use with warm water in the morning and at night.
Massage gently into the skin, the creamy dark lather will absorb into your skin as you bathe. (Do not rub in too hard, as this product is derived from NATURAL powdered bark - it may contain some coarse granules.)
Wash it off with plenty of cold water, your skin will really feel the benefit !

For best results: Apply a small quantity of Tepezcohuite Pomade, after wash.

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