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Female Symptoms Herpes

Herpes is a group of virus that causes sores and painful blisters. It is commonly also known as Herpes Simplex Virus which is further divided into two different versions called HSV1 and HSV2.The HSV1 mainly affects the area around the face whereas the HSV2 affects the genital areas. Females tend to get more affected by this problem then man. In some of the cases of female herpes the symptoms may appear clearly while in most of the others they are not present at all and can still be transmitted to the partner.
During the initial stages, a female might not even come to know that she is being infected with the virus but the symptoms can start to show within few days. The female symptoms herpes include the following:
Outbreak Period
Females have longer outbreak time in herpes as compared to men. Women herpes may take around three weeks on an average to outbreak. Before the first outbreak appears various symptoms like fever, muscle and back pain, flu like symptoms and flashing heat may appear.
Sores in the Vaginal Area
A female suffering from herpes will develop sores in their vaginal area. Many a times the women get mistaken for these sores and blister for some different type of infection or boils. The boils are bigger and painful and during their outbreak period they may also develop lesions on cervix, vulva, urethra, buttocks and thighs.
Sensitive Skin
One of the most common female symptom herpes is having a sensitive skin which becomes red and develops blisters and sores which mainly appear around the genital areas.
Vaginal Discharge
Females having genital herpes may also experience vaginal discharge which appears to be white or off white in color and is a clear fluid. This fluid clearly indicates that there is an infection in the cervix or the vagina.
Burning Sensation
Another symptom of female herpes includes having a burning sensation during urination. As there is infection in the vagina of the women during the time of herpes thus it may result in difficulty and sensation while going for urination.
Other Symptoms
Besides sores, blisters and discharge a women may also face problems like swollen lymph glands and muscle aches during the time of having herpes.
The female symptoms of herpes should be treated seriously. If you feel that you have come in contact with the virus of herpes then immediately consult your doctor. The outbreak of herpes generally appears on the place where the skin is soft and moist which makes it an ideal place for the virus to replicate.  Herpes is a non curable disease which stays with you for your whole life. This disease can also be transmitted from the pregnant mother to her child as it is mainly concentrated in the mucous membrane. Though the first outbreak of the herpes is worst but the recurring ones are easier to handle. Herpes can also act as a gateway to many other diseases so the female symptoms herpes should be taken proper care and due consideration.
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