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Sign of Herpes

Large number of people all over the globe is suffering from the problem of herpes. There are mainly two types of herpes virus which affects the different parts of the body. The type 1 virus results in oral herpes while the type 2 leads to genital herpes. The most common type of herpes is the genital herpes which is sexually transmitted. The virus of herpes is very contagious and individuals having open pores are more prone to this problem. During the initial stages the symptoms of herpes may not be there at all but with due course of time they began to show up. The sign of herpes may be different in different individuals. The different stages of herpes are witnessed by different signs and symptoms.

Signs at Prodrome Stage

This is the initial stage of the virus which shows the signs like itching, burning and tingling experience which occurs at the onset of an outbreak. Flu like symptoms including achy feeling and fever may also be experienced during this stage.

Signs at Infection Stage

During this time the red bumps starts to form which is further followed by the formation of blisters. After some time these blisters break open and appears like an ulcer wound which scabs over after some time. At a later stage these scabs fall off and reveal the healthy underlying skin.

Signs at Latent Stage

During this stage the virus starts to replicate when it comes in contact with the skin wounds or the mucosal surfaces. The virus is not transferable during this stage and thus shows no sign of herpes.

Signs at Shedding Stage

The virus starts transmitting through body fluids during this stage and infects the other people and it also has no signs.

Initial Signs

Though the initial signs of herpes mainly include painful bumps, blisters and itching but they can also vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience burning sensation while urinating while others may have open sores in their private areas. Some sign of herpes may also be similar to that of infection and flu so it’s quite difficult to detect this problem.

First Time Patients

The people suffering from herpes for the very first time may have signs like headaches, fatigue, chills and swollen lymph glands. Though the flared up blisters usually last for about two weeks but if the immune system of an individual gets affected then it may even last for a longer period of time.

If you face any itching in your genital area and symptoms like flu then immediately consult your doctor for medical assistance. Sexual intercourse is not the only reason for getting herpes as this virus can also get infected through physical interaction with people having cold sores. This type of herpes is basically known as oral herpes. Individuals who are previously infected with this problem may also notice that various signs of herpes have recurrence and keeps coming back.

Curative Measures

Though there is no cure available for herpes but various medications are available to treat its signs. These medications can help to stop the symptoms within few days. In order to treat the signs of herpes, it must be treated at once.

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